Dallas Area Narcotics Anonymous

DASC Schedule

The Dallas Area Service Conference is the business meeting for the Dallas Area Groups.

Upcoming DASC locations @ 1:30 pm:

July, 3rd 2016 ———————————-Grove  Group

Aug 7th 2016—————————————–Grove Group

Sept 4th 2016—————————————–Grove Group

Oct 2nd 2016——————————-—Awakenings Group

Nov 6th 2016——————————-—Awakenings Group

Dec 4th 2016——————————-—Awakenings Group

Jan 1st 2017——————————-Miracles and Solutions

Feb 5th 2017——————————-Miracles and Solutions

March 5th 2017———–—————–-Miracles and Solutions

April 2nd 2016———–———————————Greenville

May 7th 2016———–-———————————Greenville

June 4th 2016——–-————————————Greenville