Dallas Area Narcotics Anonymous

COVID 19 – Meeting Changes

The following changes are arranged in Alphabetical order meeting-wise.

This page last updated on Apr 17, 2020 at 8:29 PM Central Time

Click here for an updated list of Online Meetings.

  • Awakenings Group: No face to face meetings. Our zoom meetings will be open every day at noon and 8p meeting, midnight meetings on Friday and Saturday, as long as we have willing members to host them. Zoom ID: 919 108 6501
  • Desoto Group: Zoom meetings available. Check link above.
  • Eastside Group: Group temporarily closed due to COVID19. Check list at the top of page for online meetings.  Click here for alternative details.
  • Central Group: Central Group has suspended its meetings at 3103 Navaro St.until the end of March. Further notice will be provided after March 31 if the physical meetings will resume. Check link above for online meetings.
  • CFBNA Group: No face to face meetings right now. Check link above for Zoom meetings. Contact details here.
  • Garland Group: The church in which we hold our meetings is closed due to the Corona pandemic. There won’t be any Garland Group meetings held until further notice.
  • Grace Group: Grace NA Meetings Cancelled until further notice. Grace NA will have one Zoom meeting a week. Thursday 7:30PM. Room should open at 7:15. Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9471286825; Meeting ID: 947 128 6825
  • Grove Group: Grove will be meeting via Zoom. More info to come.
  • Irving Group: Started Zoom Meetings
  • Last House on the Block Group: Group temporarily closed due to COVID19. Check list at the top of page for online meetings.
  • McKinney Group: McKinney NA temporarily closed due to COVID19. Check list at the top of page for online meetings.
  • Miracles and Solutions Group: Because of the Covid19 virus Miracles & Solutions of S. Dls. meetings are closed for now. However there are Zoom meetings available on line and we are working on our own zoom meeting to take place ASAP. Will post further information soon.
  • Northside Group: Northside has discontinued it’s meetings or closed the group, however you want to show it for the time being what it is. We will resume our regular meeting schedule on April 3rd depending upon announcements from the Governor’s Office or local authorities.
  • Recovery Begins Here Group: Meetings for the group have been suspended until further notice.
  • Rockwall Group: Meetings at Rockwall Na are cancelled until further notice.
  • South Oak Cliff Group: South Oak Cliff NA has cancelled all meetings until further notice.
  • Waxahatchie Group: Check link for Zoom meetings. Regular in person meetings will only occur on 2 days a week
    Wednesday 7:30 pm
    Sunday 3 pm
    Both outside (weather permitting)
  • Wylie Group: Wylie Group N.A. has decided to move to Zoom meeting at least through April 3rd (next two weeks). Their zoom meeting is number 705111153. pw 75048. I believe the normal meeting time and days.